April 15th, 2010


Pood reviews CCR's COMIX BLOCK

The COMIX BLOCK section of Cousin Corinne's REMINDER #1 [the new lit journal from Brooklyn's very own BookCourt] scores its first review from Pood!


"The New York Times Magazine has lost its comics section again, but one snuck into the new lit journal Cousin Corinne’s Reminder (http://www.bookcourt.org/cousincorinne/), from the back of the truck straight to the Mocca Fest where pood débyood. A high-culture colony tellingly stocked by inhabitants of the leading webcomics outpost ACT-I-VATE (http://www.act-i-vate.com/), reclaiming print with a great pop-noir cover by Mike Cavallaro, post-Eisner coloring-book memoir and anonymous portraiture by Jonathan Lethem & Dean Haspiel, global-suburb slapstick by Tim Hall & Jennifer Hayden, a quiet odyssey of learning how to let things not fit by Michel Fiffe, a microbial romance comic by Kat Roberts and a post-New Yorker Easter Bunny candid back-cover from Jen Ferguson."