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Dean Haspiel


25th February 2010

12:05am: does interpretation compromise credibility?
12:14am: This Weekend: ACT-I-VATE in DC and VA!
This Saturday: ACT-I-VATE Yourself with Web Comics Creators in Washington DC and Virginia!

11:55am: Cousin Corinne's REMINDER featuring COMIX BLOCK

[sneak-peek from my collaboration with Jonathan Lethem]

From the original press release:

COUSIN CORINNE and BOOKCOURT proudly announce the launch of COUSIN CORINNE'S REMINDER, a biannual publication that features new writing, photography, and comix from artists around the world.

BOOKCOURT'S General Manager and Events Coordinator, Zack Zook, is COUSIN CORINNE'S founding owner and executive editor. He has teamed with a variety of highly talented NYC editors and curators to craft this remarkable series.

COUSIN CORINNE'S REMINDER - Issue Number One will be appearing in bookstores and galleries in the United States and Europe beginning March, 2010. Personal Subscriptions to the REMINDER series are currently available through both the COUSIN CORINNE and BOOKCOURT websites. http://www.cousincorinne.com/issue-one.html

The premiere issue features the following contributors:

Writing: Charles Bock, Mark Borthwick, Todd Colby, James Frey, Ben Lasman, Donald Moss, Shira Nayman, Alice Notley, John Burnham Schwartz, Emma Straub, Anne Waldman, John Wray, and Hannah Zeavin.

Comix: Mike Cavallaro, Jen Ferguson, Jonathan Lethem & Dean Haspiel, Tim Hall & Jennifer Hayden, Michel Fiffe, and Kat Roberts.

Photography: Mark Borthwick, Mona Kuhn, Noah McLaurine, and Kimiko Yoshida.

Interviews: Sarah Manguso and Mona Kuhn

Official press release: http://www.bookcourt.org/bookcourtwp/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/CC_Press_Release-1.pdf

[COMIX BLOCK cover art by Mike Cavallaro]
12:16pm: Jen Ferguson art at DUMBO Arts Center
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