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Dean Haspiel


18th December 2009

3:26am: Graphic NYC: Seth's Top Books of 2009 - recommends THE ACT-I-VATE PRIMER

The ACT-I-VATE Primer by Haspiel, Bertozzi, Cavallaro, Fraser, etc.

A handsomely produced anthology by a mixture of top creators and newcomers, all showcasing their creations from the webcomix site in new stories. Just flipping through one can’t help but notice the variety of work and styles contained between it’s well designed covers. If you can’t find something that appeals to you in The ACT-I-VATE Primer, you probably don’t like comics.
11:13am: Dean Haspiel's STREET CODE returns!
Today marks the holiday return of STREET CODE, my semi-autobio webcomic at Zuda, featuring the 4pp story "Snow Dope."

If you're new to STREET CODE, please take the time to read season one from last year. Otherwise, veterans of STREET CODE can skip to pages 61-64 and read the latest tale.


Thank you and enjoy!

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