December 17th, 2009


Frank Quitely recommends ACT-I-VATE at


I must say, aesthetically speaking, all I’ve ever done and all I’ve ever wanted to do is comics. Any kind of painting I’ve done, I’ve had to teach myself as I’ve gone along. My creative thoughts always go toward telling stories and I think, for the future, as you mentioned, there are some really interesting ways of doing this online and it also means now that, as an artist, you can get your work out there at very little cost. So, I find that, like you, a really fascinating path to pursue.

I’ve actually been looking at a few webcomics the past year or so. There’s a few I’ve been following on a site called Act-I-Vate, and Transition X. Cameron Stewart, he’s got a great one too, Dan Goldman and Dean Haspiel have done some lovely work recently. Karl Kerschl’s one I actually just discovered a couple of days ago. I know his work through American superhero comics and he’s really good, he does some great action sequences, blah, blah, blah… and then I saw the stuff that he was doing in his own webcomic and it’s just phenomenal. It’s not to take away from what he does professionally ­ up until recently, that’s all I had seen and I had a very high opinion of his work ­ quite apart from what we’re saying about aesthetics, the ease and cheapness with which people can actually put out their own material means that a lot of people are putting out work that’s quite personal ­ whether it’s their own world view or characters that they always draw in their sketchbooks even though they didn’t have an outlet for them before or autobiographical stuff. It’s kind of like the best of what I like about small press and self-publishing. That feeling that you’re actually reading somebody’s diary: You feel a real contact that I don’t usually feel in mainstream comics. So, I think that’s really exciting too.

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