November 17th, 2009



Act-I-Vate will conquer all! Dean Haspiel in Chicago, 11/13/09
by Matthew J Brady

"On the night of Friday, November 13, 2009, the city of Chicago was graced with the presence of Dean Haspiel and Tim Hall, there to present a documentary about Act-I-Vate, the webcomics collective to which they both contribute, and also to do some readings of their stories and meet fans. It was an informative, enjoyable event; the documentary, called The Act-I-Vate Experience, is a short affair, less than half an hour, but it quickly and memorably details many of the creators involved with the site, and provides some tantalizing images and interesting commentary from the artists involved, making any viewer who was not previously familiar with the site want to rush online and read some of the works available."


The Act-I-Vate Primer: Initial layer of paint or explosive charge?
by Matthew J. Brady


"When it comes to webcomics, has a lineup of creators and stories that can't be beat, but it can be a bit intimidating to look at the front page of the site and try to figure out where to start reading. Luckily, the forward-looking minds behind the site/artist collective/happening have a solution in this print volume that offers samples of several of the comics that can be found, but in a way that's self-contained, introductory, and encouraging of further exploration, rather than just excerpting what's already available. These stories are all exclusive to the print volume, but they all give enough of a taste of what can be found in the online tales that readers will want to rush to the site to see what other wonders are there to behold."

"Overall, the volume is an onslaught of artistic wonderment, something to get readers excited about the creators and what they're doing in their various comics, and a better advertisement for the site couldn't be had. Unless it was free, of course, but nobody should complain about paying for such a nice-looking volume filled with great examples of what comics can do. It may only be a sample of the available riches, but it's the kind of first taste that dealers must dream of, sure to transform those exposed to it into addicts for life. Even if you don't feel the need to hold these comics in your hands, don't miss out on them; they're some of the best the medium currently has to offer."