November 3rd, 2009



THE ACT-I-VATE SALON - live reading at Book Court in Brooklyn, NY on October 29th, 2009 [videos by Reid Harris Cooper].

Michel Fiffe's ZEGAS in "Cactus" with Cat Cabral, Bryan Galatis, and Ricky Martinez

Simon Fraser's LILLY MACKENZIE in "When Lilly met Cosmo" with Becky Cloonan

John Leavitt and Molly Crabapple's BACKSTAGE in "Slow News Day" with Vasilis Lolos

Mike Cavallaro's LOVIATHAN in "Veils" with Chris Irving and Tucker Stone

Dean Haspiel's BILLY DOGMA in "Bring me the heart of Billy Dogma" with George O'Connor and Joan Reilly

Maurice Fontenot's GHOST PIMP in "All men are whores" with Scott Stubbs and Martin Cuevas