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Dean Haspiel


20th June 2009

12:09pm: It's a NEXT-DOOR NEIGHBOR wrap!

[Jah Furry, Douglas Rushkoff, The Skatalites, Dean Haspiel]

From Jah Furry aka Jeff Newelt, ACT-I-VATE's minister of hype and comix editor of HEEB and SMITH Magazine:

Thanks to all who came out to the Next-Door Neighbor wrap / Rushkoff LIFE INC. team-up launch soiree. Twas a doozie, and here are pics of the shenanigans:

[Laurie Harrison, Dean Haspiel, and Chris Miskiewicz]

Beth Hartnett of LA TIMES rocked a sweet feature on Next-Door Neighbor:

+ if you missed it
Ada Price of PUBLISHERS WEEKLY wrote a comprehensive feature about NDN on SMITH comics:

2:36pm: Acid flashback or pure narcissm?
Walking by my living room mirror I noticed the tip of a boom microphone lingering in the corner behind me. When I turned around, it was gone!
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