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Dean Haspiel


26th April 2009

3:30pm: Robot 6 reviews 'Bzzt'
Tim O'Shea at Robot 6 reviews "Bzzt,' my Next-Door Neighbor story:

"This week’s installment of the biweekly Next-Door Neighbors series features Bzzt by the NDN series editor, Dean Haspiel. While I enjoyed Dean’s tale of his former mid-1990s neighbor, I think he stretched the “true-life” label that the series uses a bit. Oddly what I enjoyed the most was a small detail ­ I really loved how Haspiel’s red lettering popped off the black and white art."


If you haven't read and commented on 'Bzzt,' please do:



4:04pm: DEEP6 waxes WATCHMEN

...at the 3:50 mark.
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