February 9th, 2009


Jen Ferguson

Jen Ferguson is an artist I met over 15-years ago when I was a struggling/wannabe screenwriter/cartoonist and waited tables in Soho, NY. She was dating the chef's brother [a brilliant family of culinary geniuses] and was a bass player and artist. There were a few late night after-shifts where Jen and I would hang out among the gang and collaborate on bar napkins and pieces of scrap paper. She would throw colors down and I would draw spooky people [customers?] and whatnot. At some point, I got fired from the restaurant [after I had a brawl with a line cook and broke my drawing hand] and I never saw Jen again.

Thanks to the insanity of Facebook, I got reacquainted with Jen and discovered that she is a successful painter and launched Possum Paint Studio, an art program for young artists in DUMBO [Brooklyn]. Any of you local parents that want your kids and/or teenagers to learn how to make basic art should contact Jen.


One night last week, I was working on my latest comix project and Jen was kind enough to swing by my studio to keep me company while we caught up. Since us artists like to keep our hands busy, I gave Jen a small piece of watercolor paper and some paints and this is what she made me:

Slap THE NEW YORKER logo on that thing and call it a cover!