December 8th, 2008



If you haven't read STREET CODE, my return to writing [and drawing] semi-autobio webcomix, I urge you to please take a look-see. I've been drawing other people's life stories [Harvey Pekar and Jonathan Ames] for a few years now and thought it would be cool to exploit some of my own stories under the guise of a native New Yorker named "Jack." I recently completed 60 screens [pages] worth of stories before putting the series on hiatus so I can work on my next big graphic novel for Vertigo. STREET CODE will return Fall 2009.

Please bear with the Zuda web browser. The function has turned some of my pals off from enjoying STREET CODE and that's a shame. So, please muster the will to pop open the "full screen" feature [it's the lil' square button with the arrow] and click through the pages with ease.