August 31st, 2008


Mercury News reviews THE ALCOHOLIC

"The Alcoholic," written by Jonathan Ames and illustrated by Dean Haspiel (Vertigo, $19.99, 136 pages). "Jonathan A" awakens after a bender to the unwelcome discovery of being cramped in a junker car with a horny crone tugging on his pants. How did he fall so far? With refreshing candor, this funny and sad semi-autobiography flashes back and forth in Jonathan's life -- from falling in love-lust with a guy friend to being burned later by a younger girlfriend -- so that the reader can piece together how he came undone. There's a lot -- make that a lot -- about sex, but Ames is such an elegant storyteller, you'll always stay engaged, and the art by Haspiel ("The Quitter") is nearly perfect. The final panel is such a brilliant masterstroke. B+