August 12th, 2008


Variety reviews THE ALCOHOLIC

"The Alcoholic (Vertigo, $19.99, out in September) is a groovy tale that’s the best so far of Vertigo’s new series of original graphic novels. Novelist Jonathan Ames manages to bring his distinctive voice to comics with a script that’s funny, touching and seemingly tailor made for artist Dean Haspiel. I still think $19.99 for 136 black and white pages is a bit much ­ even in hardcover ­ but this is a cool tale that goes down easily enough to be worth it. Grade: A-."

Filtered Magazine reviews THE ALCOHOLIC

“Life is one disappointment after another, and we’re all destined to fail miserably and never get what we want; that’s basically Jonathan Ames’ line of thought. So fuck it—pass the bottle, divvy the coke and ready the trash cans because we don’t want any puke on the carpet. Like Days of Wine and Roses gone Woody Allen, this’ll make you cringe, but your eyes will be stunned wide open every step of the way.” –Filter Magazine