April 15th, 2008



Just in time for New York Comicon, ACT-I-VATE announces its brand new headquarters: http://www.act-i-vate.com [and http://www.activatecomix.com], after two years of critically-acclaimed webcomix at the blogging platform, Live Journal.

ACT-I-VATE is proud to recognize 2008 Eisner Award nominees Dean Haspiel and Michael Cavallaro, and to announce the launch of Cavallaro's LOVIATHAN, Tim Hamilton's THE ADVENTURES OF THE FLOATING ELEPHANT, Jim Dougan and Hyeondo Park's SAM & LILAH, Maurice Fontenot's GHOST PIMP, and Ryan Roman's SLEAZY PIZZA. In addition, Simon Fraser's LILLY MACKENZIE, Haspiel's BILLY DOGMA: FEAR, MY DEAR, and Paul Maybury's PARTY BEAR, will make an exciting return.

ACT-I-VATE, the premiere webcomix collective, features original, serialized graphic novels and is updated daily. ACT-I-VATE's select artists produce their work without editorial oversight and offer their comix for free to an ever-growing audience of loyal readers. In addition to these high-quality comix, ACT-I-VATE is known for having lifted the veil between creation, creator, and reader by providing a forum for spirited dialogue between audience and auteur. The new website confirms one of ACT-I-VATE's core tenets: that the artists and writers of the comix community are the optimal providers of intellectual properties and comix content.

My covers to AS #4 and THE ALCOHOLIC

DC/Vertigo's July solicitations were just released: http://www.newsarama.com/dcnew/July08/solicitations.html

Written by Harvey Pekar
Art by Darick Robertson, Ty Templeton, Dean Haspiel, Rick Geary and Gary Dumm
Cover by Dean Haspiel
Vertigo’s second season of Harvey Pekar’s continuing American classic concludes as Harvey leads readers through a typical day in his life. Taxes, auto repairs, housecleaning and of course, naps are all part of this everyday adventure. Featuring art by fan-favorite Darick Roberston (TRANSMETROPOLITAN, The Boys) and others.
On sale July 2 • 4 of 4 • 32 pg, B&W, $2.99 US • MATURE READERS

Written by Jonathan Ames
Art and cover by Dean Haspiel
Jonathan A. is a boozed-up, coked-out, sexually confused, hopelessly romantic and, of course, entirely fictional novelist who bears only a coincidental resemblance to real-life writer Jonathan Ames, critically acclaimed author of Wake Up, Sir!, The Extra Man and What’s Not to Love?
For the fictional Jonathan, writing and drinking come easy. The hard parts of life are love and hope. From a touching relationship between Jonathan and his aging great aunt, to an inebriated evening with an amorous, octogenarian dwarf, to the devastating aftermath of 9/11, Ames’s first original graphic novel, with gritty, poignant art by Dean Haspiel (THE QUITTER), tells a story at once hilarious, excruciating, bizarre and universal, about how our lives fall to pieces and the enduring human struggle to put things back together again.
Advance-solicited; on sale September 17 • 6.875” x 9” • 136 pg, B&W, $19.99 US