September 17th, 2007



[splash page from BRAWL #2, the original of which currently hangs proudly at MoCCA]

The reception for MoCCA's "The Art of Webcomics" was phenominal. Not only was the museum packed with incredible talent and champions of the form but there were many fans and readers who came to cheer the next step in our comix revolution and I was proud to see the New York contingent of act_i_vate represented in full force. It's amazing to contrast the work we create via act_i_vate with traditional comics art and webcomics proper. I had fruitful conversations with the editors of Zuda Comics and I'm looking forward to their October launch. Before SBX and I split back to Brooklyn for the night, we got to briefly chat with "reinventing comics" author/pioneer, Scott McCloud, who just completed a 50-state tour with his family. Big ups to JahFurry for wrangling our webcomix gang and providing free Sam Adams beer for the show. Many thanks to Bill Roundy and the entire MoCCA staff for putting on such a classy exhibition and for keeping in tune with the evolution of comix.

The show is up until January 14th, 2008 so please swing by if you're in the NYC area:

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