July 1st, 2007


Blueprint the Future

At JahFurry's behest, I finally made it to a HappyCorp party [http://www.thehappycorp.com] this past Friday and it was swinging as free Dewar's flowed [I don't usually indulge Scotch which is smokey and muskier than my beloved bourbon] and I brought my broken-hearted pals, Eric and Chris, for some Soho-sized lift-me-ups which the ever-charming Heidi MacDonald and her good friend, Amy, were happy to provide. Jah kindly furnished me an advance copy of this summer's HEEB Magazine, featuring a funny review of my BILLY DOGMA webcomix [see below] while Paul Pope and I huddled and waxed Jack Kirby's Motherbox vs. iPhone, and blueprinting the future: http://pulphope.blogspot.com/2007/06/mother-box.html