January 4th, 2007


Battlestar Galactica.2

My best friend, Mike Hueston, brought season one of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA over to my apartment a few weeks ago and demanded I watch it. SBX and I watched the "mini-series" portion of the collection and were hooked. It's as good as 24 and LOST, if not better. We just finished the entire first season and I even got it as a X-mas present from SBX's parents. I tend to covet the stuff I dig. It makes me feel like I'm building a thousand year Library of Dean.

DILEMMA: those Sci-Fi Show punks decided to split the second season into two expensive collections and I'm chomping at the bit. Will they buck up and combine the two for sale soon or would that move piss off too many fans? Ergo, keeping season two only for sale as 2.0 and 2.5? Anybody know anything different?

And before folks offer to burn me cds of the show or provide links for free downloads, etc., I'm borrowing the 2nd season from my good buddy, Mike, to watch. As I admitted above, I covet and so I'd like to own the manufactured series. I just wanna heads up on whether I should wait it out for the eventual single package or suck it up and buckle to the split sale.

Please advise. Thanks!