May 1st, 2006


Lauren Weinstein's Blast Off!

Much fun was had at Lauren Weinstein's GIRL STORIES party at Rocketship. Greta [the new comix-blog reviewer sensation] insisted on calling me "Bino" and Owen tried to convince us he recently befriended "hobo's" near his upper east side Manhattan home. I categorically pronounced that those street urchins were in fact artist-types the likes of me, and Owen should know the difference! While SBX and I went off for a private, candle lit Italian dinner down the block, Owen got cornered by two 20-year old drunk tramps begging him to go night clubbing. He narrowly escaped their toxic woo and split for home only to discover that he'd been "friended" [stalked?] on MySpace by one of the girls only a half-hour later! Night clubbing? My ass.

Speaking of which, I'm shutting down my MySpace profile today. Seems Murdoch and Co. owns the right to publish any image you post on their site. An agreement in the fine print when you sign up to launch your daily collection of strangers and manage your "Top 8" pals like you would a deck of playing cards. Fuck that noise. Unless they change their policy down the road, I'll keep my action strictly Live Journal sans hassle. Besides, anybody who cares to find me, will. I've got a personal website copyrighted to protect my name, my art, and my interests, with a link to my Blog. 'Nuff said.

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