April 23rd, 2006


Flop on your belly like a fish

Greta is my friend Owen's 12-year old sister, and she is a multi-talented girl who has a Blog and writes her impressions of the various comix she reads. Greta surprised me with a kind review of my semi-autobiographical collection, OPPOSABLE THUMBS. With its adult oriented themes, I don't know how appropriate OPPOSABLE THUMBS is for a 12-year old girl but my parents let me view adult oriented themes when I was young and if Greta's parents give her the green-light then I'm hip to their square.

I, too, discovered comix when I was 12-years old only my introduction to the form was Marvel & DC Comics superhero fare, the likes of THE FANTASTIC FOUR, SHAZAM, and something called STAR WARS [before the movie came out]. It wasn't until years later that I discovered challenging and career affirming comix like Chester Brown's YUMMY FUR, and Harvey Pekar's AMERICAN SPLENDOR. I think comix Blogs like Greta's are very useful for publishers and creators. Except for the comix I ply SBX's two daughters [ages 10 & 12] on a regular basis and the comix conversations I have with Owen and his friend Lauren, I find it rare to get a candid peek into the unique minds of budding young readers. Thanks Greta!

Greta's OT review:

Greta's comix Blog: