January 16th, 2006


Bizarro Marvel & DC

chrisarrant sparked the kind of comix discussion you'll find on any geek message board worth their salt. dryponder and incogvito decided to play and, ashamedly, so did I.


...if you were made Editor-in-Chief or the CEO of both Marvel & DC Comics, who would you hire to write and draw their titles? Since, I dig a bunch of the creators handling the mainstream these days [mind you, I don't read all the comix...maybe a quarter of the batch? I skip all the crossover events and who needs anything more than Morrison and Quitely on ALL-STAR SUPERMAN? But, I digress...], I decided to match mainstream titles with indie/alt cartoonists. My memory is fuzzy these days of who's made the leap to mainstream, but I think I kept it fair and square and came up with some nifty creator teams and/or solo efforts.

Naturally, this is a considered yet organic list that changes from minute-to-minute.Collapse )