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Dean Haspiel


29th December 2005

11:15am: Bad hair decade
Faced with the daunting task of reconciling my brother's massive catalogue of music, mostly classic rock and heavy metal, I'm doing what only a curious brother who appreciates song could. I'm listening to thousands of albums, a handful of CDs per day, in order to weed through what I will add to my library of sound. And, in my endless journey to embrace my people's music [read: "white"], my brother's death has afforded me many gifts. Recently, I have come to discover SUPER TRAMP and LYNYRD SKYNYRD, and rediscover PINK FLOYD and THE ROLLING STONES [altho, in a rock war, Led Zeppelin would annihilate the Stones]. And then there are those hair bands from the '80s that make my spine shudder and my mind wonder, what kind of battery acid laden crack was my brother smoking?

What I would give to see a VH1-type 'whatever happened to' show on these guys...Collapse )
5:25pm: Recess Pieces redux
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