December 18th, 2005



In recent conversation with my sweet pal deuxchiens, I was reminded of the ancient "three wishes" game. if you could make three wishes, what would they be? I was always confounded by this game because really, there are only three basic wishes a normal human could muster:

1] successful career = lots of money and comfort
2] successful romance = lots of love and sex
3] fame or toys or travel = pick your indulgent vice

So, eons ago, when my elementary school chum, Sean, answered his three wishes with deliberate consideration and scathing conviction, I was chilled to the bone by his answer:

1] a gun
2] unlimited ammunition
3] amnesty

Boy howdy! The three wishes conundrum led me to another conundrum, and that is; what are my three favorite things [if such a query could be qualified in threes]? And so, because I'm trapped in my apartment making hasty deadlines and going bananas, ignoring the holidays to the best of my abilities, I figured I'd procrastinate with my LJ community who eat up surveys like this with five topics for which there are three answers. What are your favorite Books, Movies, Songs, Comix, and Food.

I'll start with mine, sans explanation. But, to those who participate, you are more than welcome to provide an explanation. It's your call. And, please, this is just a goofy exercise for what you dig right now -- this instant -- as you rifle through your brain or take a quick glance at your shelves and wonder. I'm just rattling this off for fun knowing full well my answers could instantly change the second after I hit "submit."

Here we goCollapse )