December 11th, 2005


Belated 38

[Folks in the know dub her "butter"]

Over 3-weeks ago, SBX had to cope with both her best friend's [Meredith] mother's death AND my brother's death the week of her 38th birthday...effectively making her celebration delinquent. A weekend getaway was derailed and all cheer was lost to sudden tragedies. Meredith and I felt the need to rectify some of the damage done. Plans were set in motion to properly celebrate SBX's birthday in the form of a SURPRISE PARTY at Meredith and Jason's apartment on Plaza street near Prospect Park, and it was pulled off expertly. The ballyhoo threw SBX for an obvious loop and a minute later she was in tears, crying happily. Yummy beef and crab stews were home prepared among various libations, snacks, and deserts, and friends kept arriving as late as midnight. Many of my pals met SBX's pals for the first time and the group was festive. The latter half of the evening had me mixing old school hip hop with New Wave music as the living room turned into an impromptu disco dance floor. It felt good to give something back to SBX after all the extra attention and care she's given Meredith and I during these trying times. Thanks to all those folks who could help make the surprise a resounding success.

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