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Dean Haspiel


16th November 2005

9:40am: The National / Big Apple Comicon
I'm to appear at The National / Big Apple Comicon in Manhattan this coming weekend w/Harvey Pekar at The Penn Plaza Pavilion in New York City (401 7th Ave. at 33rd St.). I will most likely be there a couple of hours on Sat & Sun.


Saturday @2pm: Big Apple Film Festival Event "American Splendor" the film. We show the movie then Harvey Pekar meets with you and answers questions about his experiences with the film.

Sunday @3pm: Meet the Creators of "American Splendor" graphic novels. We discuss American Splendor with its many creators including Harvey Pekar, Dean Haspiel, Joyce Brabner, Spain Rodriguez and Josh Neufeld.
9:43am: Broken Frontier reviews Escapist #8
4:57pm: New American Splendor

This shouldn't come as a big surprise but I'm drawing the lead story for the new American Splendor series to be published by Vertigo:

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