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Dean Haspiel


3rd October 2005

12:31am: 9thArt pimps THE QUITTER
alexdecampi has a whole hell of a lot of nice to say about me and THE QUITTER. Thanks a bunch, dear!

10:51am: SPX 2005

[Harvey Pekar, Dean Haspiel, Joyce Brabner, and Danielle]

I hitched the cheap bus to Washington D.C. with 4_eyez, his wife Sari, and rantcomics. I read some KAMANDI but Jack Kirby's "last boy on earth" was distracted by the attractive yet hungover 21-year old Columbia University student cum journalist who sat next to me dressed in a rebellious high school girl skirt and black tie. We talked about independent comix and shared candid college stories. She was heading to D.C. to meet up with her 42-year old boyfriend/actor to raise their fists in solidarity for the anti-war protest that was, among other events, competing with this weekend's Small Press Expo [SPX].

Long story shortCollapse )
3:01pm: NY METRO hypes THE QUITTER
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3:49pm: The Philadelphia Inquirer - Spellbinding Read

The Quitter by Harvey Pekar; illustrations by Dean Haspiel (Vertigo/DC Comics, November) Traditionalists may moan, but graphic novels are not only here to stay, they're going to proliferate. The best of the fall titles is this memoir from grumpy Harvey Pekar, who previously shared his irritable observations on life in American Splendor. The Quitter, illustrated '60s/R. Crumb style by Dean Haspiel, offers Pekar's reminiscences of growing up lonely and troubled in Cleveland. If it sounds self-centered, it is, but the author's experiences also perfectly reflect mid-century adolescence.

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