September 15th, 2005


I suck my thumb and pull my ear lobe.

Highly impressed by the art work and design, I'm looking at ebess's dummy copy of her new upcoming 48pp comic, WEIRD SISTER, with purvision, and brianwood, at the Rocketship signing for Rick Spears & Rob G, when a couple of wide-eyed boys, followed closely by a young girl [their sister?], jump over to me from where my framed original comix art is hanging on the wall. The lead kid asks me "Are you Dan Haspiel?" I chuckle and say "Yes, I'm Dean." And the kid says "You're one of my favorite artists!" Flattered, I wonder how the kid recognized me yet worry what comics of mine he's read. Before my mouth can utter a peep he barks "You taught me and my friend how to make comics." This starts to become more bizarre as more questions start to bubble in my mind and that's when I have an epiphany and ask "Do you kids attend a high school in the upper west side?" They nod yes and suddenly everything starts to make sense. 4_eyez and I have been invited, twice now, to show students how to create comics, specifically, how to generate and draw stories as a part of their comic book class. Cool. I ask a few more questions about their collaborations, experience, etc., while looking for their mother who, it turns out, is standing a few feet away chatting with Rocketship co-owner, Mary Gibbons. I can't help but notice her fine figure when she turns around to check up on her children...AND MY HEAD EXPLODES! I've had the biggest crush on this woman ever since I first saw FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH in 1982. Their mother is Phoebe Cates.