August 15th, 2005


Name that 'toon, Part 2

You folks are nuts. Ya'll wrote some clever captions while some of you weighed in on my LJ for the very first time! I think an LJ handle or two was sparked solely to pick up my silly gauntlet. Thanks for taking the piss out of this impromptu contest and submitting some funny answers.

For those of you out of the loop, check out:

As promised, I've considered your creative submissions and picked my three [3] favorite captions for you kids in LJ land to choose a winner for. The cut off date is midnight Thursday, August 18th. Please vote once for your favorite number in this thread only. I will tally the votes after the cut off date and post the winner [although, it should be obvious] on Friday, August 19th. Said winner will get the original pencil art with their winning caption scrawled across the top of the art and mailed to their home to do with as they so please.

The nominees are...Collapse )

Rapper's Delight

[the last bar at the end of the world]

Having slaved all Saturday at the art table and becoming steadily disgruntled, a plan to skip to Hope & Anchor in Red Hook for grub and song was hatched. SBX was desperate to get on the mic and I was happy to oblige. We rallied Heidi MacDonald, Eric Saul, my best friend eyehawk and his wife, Marie, to join us. Among the many songs our party sang, SBX dedicated her version of "Ziggy Stardust" to me, and Heidi unfurled her operatic rendition of a classic from "Jesus Christ Superstar!" Yes, it was that kind of a night, which is why I had to get ghetto.

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn...Collapse )