August 7th, 2005


Name that 'toon, Part 1

A few weeks ago I drew something for NICKELODEON Magazine's upcoming Halloween issue. I felt so strong about my solution for the initial concept, "Glue Trap Drac" [a mock monster/pest control business card], that I did tight pencils [rather than a rough sketch] and turned in the drawing with confidence. It was denied. After a talk with the editor, I drew an alternative illustration which was tweaked, greenlit, submitted, and invoiced. No harm, no foul.

Only, I'm left with a delinquent illustration that I can't do anything with. So, I decided to spark an LJ contest and the winner will get the original art to do with what they please [although, placing said artwork under a thin piece of glass in a wooden frame to hang on a wall is considered a nice thing].

The contest is easy: write a great caption to go with the delinquent illustration and you can submit as many as you deem worthy. Keep the submitted captions contained within this thread. If two people come up with the same exact idea/phrasing and it's a candidate for the finals, I will pick the one that was posted first.

The cut off date for the finals is midnight on Sunday, August 14th. On Monday [8/15], I will post my three [3] favorite captions, along with their creators LJ handles, and I will let you LJ folks decide which is the very best caption. Your vote will decide the winner. The cut off date for the final vote will be midnight on Thursday, August 18th. I will post the winner on Friday the 19th.

If there is a tie, I will create a tie-breaker.

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