June 28th, 2005


5 weeks

SBX split today for the United Kingdom with her daughters. She'll be back in 5-weeks. I miss her. In the meantime, I'll be juggling various gigs which include:

1] illustrating the protagonist for a major magazine franchise cum video game proposal
2] drawing mascot ideas for a Saudi Arabian Dairy company.
3] drawing a 1pp comic for SPIN MAGAZINE featuring The Black Eyed Peas and Sting.
4] illustrating six badges for SPX.
5] attending the San Diego Comicon to pimp THE QUITTER [see below].
6] drawing a 16pp ESCAPIST story written by someone who's name I can't announce yet.
7] attending the 75th Anniversary of the Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, MI

By mid-August I hope to draw that script Warren Ellis threatened to write me. After that? I might just take a week off when SBX gets back.

THE QUITTER solicitation and cover to July PREVIEWSCollapse )