June 8th, 2005


It's time to unwrap the present

My father's German friend, Manni, a nice guy and hella handy for general house construction and landscaping, is a budding game designer with unreachable desires to draw comix. Suffering on the anti-social side of arrested development due to unfortunate life experiences and circumstances coupled by the grip of alienation, Manni is a guy I indulge the best I can whenever we have the occasion to butt mitts because he's a good man despite his social ineptness. Plus, he's solely responsible for pulling my father's proverbial fat from the fire countless times. Tasks a son is often called upon to accomplish. Tasks I couldn't, and I'd hazard to admit, wouldn't be able to achieve.

So, when Manni gave me a framed and personalized piece of artwork for X-mas, it wasn't something I could bury under a pile of stuff like so many other generous gifts that are sometimes banished to. Elated by his gesture, I was astounded by Manni's illustration. I didn't know what to say. The implications of the image were immature [to say the least] yet heartfelt. Especially since I [think] know what his warped intentions were. Alas, the art was unfortunately buried under the pile of banished gifts until I rediscovered it just recently.

Perhaps I was feeling forgiving? Maybe I felt my apartment needed that little extra something to jar the senses? Whatever it was, I decided to hang Manni's precious drawing up above my toilet. I pee while chuckling to this...thing...a few times a day.

So would you.Collapse )