May 19th, 2005


Revenge of the Sith

4_eyez bought me a ticket for the midnight show in Park Slope. At first I hedged but how could I say no? STAR WARS was [is] a tradition for us. No time for review. Suffice it to say, SITH is 85% great, like REALLY great, but the 15% that is bad is SO bad it almost ruins the thesis of Anakin Skywalker's decent into hell, ergo Darth Vader. The acting and dialogue in the romantic scenes is so terribly crafted that it puts a serious crimp into the movie. If you can't believe the actor then it's going to be hard to follow the character. Still, Lucas manages to squeak by [because we so desperately want him to?] and there's great sci-fi slap stick and soap opera realized by amazing digital gods and all the story threads knit well together between the two trilogies. It was great to witness as the 3rd act of SITH began to make a seamless transition, mimicking the sets and props of Episode 4, our very first STAR WARS. Go see the movie.