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Dean Haspiel


17th May 2005

12:46am: What is wrong with me?
I bought this DVD, used, for $5 this morningCollapse )
3:51pm: Late Summer UK

There is a very strong possibility I will be visiting & staying in London [w/SBX] for the last 3-weeks of August thru Labor Day. I should have work to write & draw but it will cost me greatly to travel abroad. I'd like to financially write off some of this trip if possible. What are the nearest/bestest comix shoppes/venues? Can I do a signing? Are there other comix functions I should be aware of? What bars do English cartoonists gather at? You know who you are. I would like to try and see you. Help me.
5:11pm: Zegas = 26

Today is zegas' 26th Birthday. Go give my main man a cyber hug holler.
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