April 12th, 2005


PLAYBOY roughs

If all goes well, it looks like Harvey Pekar and I will have a 2pp slot in the August PLAYBOY to pimp the October release of THE QUITTER. We decided it was best to treat the 2-pager as a commercial of sorts. As usual, Harvey did his damndest to pack as much text as he can squeeze onto any given 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. It's incredibly frustrating. I sometimes wonder if he knows he's writing comix? Turning 62pp of densely written Pekar script into 96pp of THE QUITTER has been quite challenging and only readers will decide if I pulled it off. Meanwhile, for the PLAYBOY piece, I managed to convince Harvey to kill one panel and combine another so I could gain some room to draw a bunch of lil' Harv's glossing over bullet points in the graphic novel. This is just the first draft of layouts, something for Vertigo, Playboy, and Harv, to weigh in on, so I don't feel it's sacrilegious to share. Eyes are focused on this particular comic because of the tremendous exposure PLAYBOY will afford THE QUITTER.

In the spirit of sharing the comix process, here are the PLAYBOY roughs...Collapse )