June 29th, 2004


MoCCA 2004

The 3rd year of MoCCA expanded to an extra day and another floor. There were no BLANKETS nor KRAMER'S ERGOT this year to steal monies from new mini-comix and the less precious fare. Debuts were even and fans were allowed breathing room sans sardine can style lines. Each publisher represented well featuring headline cartoonists while upstarts rolled out their modest rugs. Denis Kitchen's 6-year old daughter commanded wild attention w/her comix while equally long-haired Jeff Smith greeted many fans congratulating him on completing his magnum opus, BONE. I sold as many copies of LIONEL'S LAMENT as I gave away and/or traded, taking something of an economic bath. No matter. I hadn't rocked a self-published Kinko's experience since '98. Good to grease ye olde elbows w/KEYHOLE cohort, Josh Neufeld, on our latest collaboration.

Friday nights' CARTUNNEL at the Flux Factory in Long Island City was a pleasant event, featuring an elaborate comix maze w/many twists and turns. Claustrophobia got the best of me. Jason Little's contribution was especially divine while LaBrujah snuck me into the buried Ice Castle behind the spooky walls.

Met aging actor, Ted Lange, who played "Isaac" [the bartender] on LOVE BOAT, and spotted film director Michel Gondry [Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind]. Pop idle, Moby swung by the table for a chat [who's movie, ALIEN SEX PARTY, I embarrassingly co-starred in playing a gay security guard in a porno store]. That, and a ton of cartoonists/fans/elitists [too many names to mention] made for fun comix shoppe. I was especially happy to finally meet my hero, Chester Brown, who's YUMMY FUR comic exploded my mind in the mid-80s. Ed the Happy Clown was soon sharing real estate with THE FANTASTIC FOUR and SHAZAM in the long box under my bed. A year later, I discovered AMERICAN SPLENDOR. Ergo, the schizophrenic drawing and writing style I flex today. Budding pal, Jim Dougan, read my Live Journal and discovered I'd recently become a raving madman for 50s/60s crime pulp novelist Richard S. Prather. So, he kindly graced me with a copy of PATTERN FOR PANIC to add to my slowly swelling "Shell Scott" collection. Thanks, Jim!

I was Heidi MacDonald's escort to the Harvey Awards banquet where Evan Dorkin did his damnedest to MC the entire affair w/a bad bout of laryngitis. I was too exhausted to take much advantage of Highwater's anniversary party at Union Pool in Williamsburg, but I managed to poke my head in for awhile before calling it quits and heading homeward where comix scholar/Spanish poet, Ana Merino, was crashing my futon.

Met ebess, while fellow LJers: trishalynn, lordrexfear, sneakymonkey, and bardot, represented. Special shout out to my publisher [LJer Indymag] for driving our stable all over in his rental car. Digital_Ink was sorely missed. A post-MoCCA trip to The Jackson Diner in Jackson Heights [Queens] w/core Alternative Comics gang made for good grub, gripes, and jokes. A late night cartoonist rendezvous at Boat Bar on Smith Street in Cobble Hill was where it ended as drinks quenched another victory for small press comix.