June 23rd, 2004



Dean Haspiel and Josh Neufeld, the cartoonists behind the critically acclaimed anthology Keyhole, reunite with Lionel's Lament, a unique two-man narrative corpse. Their joint creation, Lionel is back in an all-new adventure. Lionel wakes up to an unpleasant surprise. From that point on, he must deal with family issues, maggots, super-heroes, imaginary friends, the perils of public transportation, the dangerous Bronx streets, and a very large stash of cash - all in the space of one ill-fated day.

Lionel's Lament is told in a unique format. An unscripted impromptu collaboration, the story begins with an episode by Josh, episode 2's response is by Dean, episode 3's by Josh, and so on. Created over a three-year period beginning in the summer of 2001, Lionel's Lament's all-too-human, pathetically heroic story is now available to be read in its entirety.

Pick up your limited edition copy this weekend at MoCCA:


(Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art) Art Festival, this Saturday/Sunday [June 26/27], held in the Puck Building, at 295 Lafayette Street in lower Manhattan. Admission is $7

Listening Party

-Thursday evening (June 24th) from 6pm to 9pm at Halcyon [57 pearl street in DUMBO].
-Take the F train to York St. [first stop in Brooklyn)
-Free beer generously provided by Coco Machete records, the label responsible for releasing the new COWBOY JOHNNY CHRIST single.

Come down and join Christian Urich [the artist and writer], Jason Kriveloff [the co-producer and arranger], Dean Haspiel [the cover artist], and Sean Holland [and his crew from Coco Machete Records], in a toast celebrating the release of the 12" double boasting mixes of TWO NEW COWBOY JOHNNY CHRIST JAMS.