December 27th, 2003


Return of the DEUCE

After spotting Pango LaFoote, Larrondo, and Pivovision eating Thai at Sesame on Smith street, Jenn and I tried to see a midnight show of RETURN OF THE KING when, 10-minutes into the 3+ hour tour, 8 fuck-ups started a brawl that almost started a riot. You don't call nobody a "pussy" and not expect fisticuffs. Testosterone won't allow it. Lights went on while Frodo entered stage left and the place went into panic mode. Having suffered a broken nose 3-weeks earlier, I opted to split dodge before the fireman in me got stupid and bullets started flying. Too many thugs were downstairs w/me getting refunds 'cause they, like me, just wanted to see how the trilogy ends sans personal attack.

Welcome back ye olde 42nd street. Who would'a thunk it moved down to Crooklyn?