December 6th, 2003


I don't know Kung Fu

Got back from the local emergency room @3:45AM after having had my nose broken. Thankfully, the doctor was able to re-break it [talk about fun to the second power] and [hopefully] re-set it back in place. Not perfect, but back in the middle of my face rather than busted to the left side of my face. The purple is turning black around my right eye and the red welts on the right side of my cheek bone [from the stealthy brass knuckle sucker punch?] are actually kinda sexy. That's what you get for walking past ten jerk-offs from ANOTHER neighborhood beating each other up on Smith Street and breaking bar windows as they turn around, look across the street and ask me and my pal, Mike -- "What the fuck are you looking at????"

And I say "A fight?"