September 1st, 2003


Lost in Translation

I felt VIRGIN SUICIDES failed. Lots of keen atmosphere and no meat. Who ARE these people? I never cared about the "protagonists" and their "dilemma." Although, it was apparent by her adaptation that she at least THINKS in moving pictures. Which is important if one desires to direct films. Sloane took me to see an early screening of Sofia Coppola's sophomore effort, LOST IN TRANSLATION, last week, and it is phenomenal. Bill Murray has upped the ante in this dramatic role and Scarlett Johansson is sublime. The story is very personal and very subtle. Almost nothing happens and everything is steeped in want. It's in my Top 5 movie picks or 2003 [the others are RAISING VICTOR VARGAS, TERMINATOR 3, FINDING NEMO, and AMERICAN SPLENDOR].