Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Who B U?

I know, I know -- "Read my damned LJ if ya wanna get to know me." Problem is, I really don't have the man hours to properly indulge all your LJ's, and there are a lot of you -- that is -- those folks who added me to their friend's list. And, that's why I've trimmed some LJers whom I actually dig because I can't possibly catch up. Ergo, my tight ship. Please, take no offense.

I got swarmed with a bunch of new cyber pals, especially during that BATGIRL-meme, so I can safely bet a bunch of ya'll dig comix. However, I suspect some of you are sock puppets and out to infect the world wide web with your cyber weapons of mass 01010101 destruction and I've been forced to apply the ban button that LJ invented for those grunts like me who don't get a kick out of pure nonsense. I hate to press the damned ban button.

Of course, those pals of mine who I know in real life and or share history with, please don't bother with this post. I know you. I hold you. So, to make this kinda fun for the newbies, answer me this:

1] How did you come to find and add me and why?
2] Tell me in one packed sentence something compelling about you.
3] Recommend a movie, novel, album, and/or comic book.

Thanks for helping me out here in getting to know a lil' bit about you.

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