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Bizarro Marvel & DC

chrisarrant sparked the kind of comix discussion you'll find on any geek message board worth their salt. dryponder and incogvito decided to play and, ashamedly, so did I.


...if you were made Editor-in-Chief or the CEO of both Marvel & DC Comics, who would you hire to write and draw their titles? Since, I dig a bunch of the creators handling the mainstream these days [mind you, I don't read all the comix...maybe a quarter of the batch? I skip all the crossover events and who needs anything more than Morrison and Quitely on ALL-STAR SUPERMAN? But, I digress...], I decided to match mainstream titles with indie/alt cartoonists. My memory is fuzzy these days of who's made the leap to mainstream, but I think I kept it fair and square and came up with some nifty creator teams and/or solo efforts.

Alternative Marvel:

THE FANTASTIC FOUR - Evan Dorkin and James Jean
X-MEN - Bob Fingerman and Dave Cooper
AVENGERS - Mark Sable and Paul Azaceta
DEFENDERS - Pete Sickman-Garner and Jeffrey Brown
SPIDER-MAN - Alex Robinson and Jordan Crane
IRON MAN - B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin
HULK - Dean Haspiel
CAPTAIN AMERICA - Brian Wood and Farel Dalrymple
DAREDEVIL - Paul Grist
THOR - Zack Soto and Sammy Harkham
DR. STRANGE - Carla Speed McNeil and Michel Fiffe
WOLVERINE - Ivan Brunetti and Becky Cloonan
NICK FURY, AGENT of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Eddie Campbell and Tomer Hanuka
POWER MAN & IRON FIST - Brian Maruca and Jim Rugg
SILVER SURFER - Adrian Tomine
SPIDER-WOMAN - Jessica Abel and Tara McPherson
SHE-HULK - Chris Radke and Geoffrey Darrow
DAZZLER - Jenn Shannon and Ryan Kelly
ANT-MAN - Shannon Wheeler and Jim Woodring
MARY JANE - Tom Beland and Nikki Cook

Alternative DC:

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA - Tom Hart and Paul Hornschemeier
LEGION OF SUPERHEROES - James Kochalka and Dean Trippe
DOOM PATROL - Bob Burden and Mike Dawson
TEEN TITANS - Brian Wood and Derek Kirk Kim
BATMAN - Paul Pope
SUPERMAN - Scott Morse and Frank Espinosa
WONDER WOMAN - Los Bros. Hernandez
GREEN LANTERN - Dylan Horrocks
AQUAMAN - Josh Neufeld
FLASH - Chris Ware and Jason Little
HAWKMAN - Anders Nilsen and Craig Thompson
PLASTIC MAN - Sam Henderson and Nick Bertozzi
CAPTAIN MARVEL - Nick Bertozzi and Dean Haspiel
ROBIN - Vito Delsante and Becky Cloonan
SUPERGIRL - Jason Lutes and Colleen Coover
BATGIRL - Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeier
JONAH HEX - Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore
SGT. ROCK - Joe Sacco and Leland Purvis
THE ATOM - Peter Bagge and Chester Brown
BLACK CANARY - Alex de Campi and James Jean
SWAMP THING - Charles Burns
HELLBLAZER - Rick Spears and Rob G.
CHALLENGERS OF THE UNKNOWN - Brian Ralph and Tim Hamilton
ADAM STRANGE - The Luna Bros.
WILDCAT - Vito Delsante and Dean Haspiel
STARMAN - The Goldman Bros.
CATWOMAN - Alex de Campi and Ted Naifeh
METAMORPHO - Tony Consiglio and Tony Millionaire
OMAC - Nick Bertozzi and Dean Haspiel
NEW GODS - R. Crumb
GREEN ARROW - Carla Speed McNeil
SHADE THE CHANGING MAN - Jon Lewis and Michel Fiffe
WORLDS FINEST - Mike Mignola

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