Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What's on your WORK plate this weekend?

Yeah, you read right. What's on your WORK plate this WEEKEND? You'd think what with the holidays I'd be whooping it up and partying with my Santa hat on fire. Ain't gonna happen. I'm mad and I'm sad about my brother's passing and that put me 4-weeks behind on all my schedules. I'm a delinquent chump and paying for it out of pocket both financially and emotionally. I haven't seen SBX in a week and I'm back to my old ways eating in front of the computer. Still, I managed to finally finish the line art for the 2nd episode of FALLOUT late last night and this weekend promises to be a slow torture of digital coloring as I figure out the most savvy way to rock two tones. Come Monday, I pencil the first page for the new AMERICAN SPLENDOR.

Anyhow, thanks to all you kind folks who weighed in on my "Don't Think" post. All your sound advice and cyber-TLC got me through a rough patch in the middle of yesterday. Maybe I should listen less to DAMIEN RICE and more to LADYTRON? My surrogate stepmother, Inverna, caught wind of my black cloud and rallied me over the telephone. We discussed why every minute detail is so damn important? Why am I so keen on calling the medical examiner? So I can know the exact time of my brother's death and what he ate that day? What. Fuck. Wrong. Me? Inverna said that Joan Didion's new novel, THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING, has been a gift for her. It seems Didion wrote her book 9-months after the passing of her husband, which she witnessed, and other tragedies. Being a writer, this was the only way Didion could cope, express, and maybe understand. I hopped on Amazon and ordered two copies.

If I'm a good lil' art monkey this weekend maybe I'll be able to steal 3-hours with SBX for KONG.

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