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Thanks for all your kind words regarding the death of my brother Mike. Having dealt with Juvenile Diabetes since he was nine-years old, it seems that Mike ultimately perished from a tragic withdrawal from pain management medicine for his damaged nerves. The prescribed drug, OxyContin, is an evil demon to cope with and kick. It may have temporarily relieved some pain but it certainly didn't help his Diabetic regime nor his chemically dependent blood. An autopsy revealed that Mike suffered a heart attack. At age 37, that doesn't make any sense.

I'm dealing with a lot of hard feelings and time has suspended. Thankfully, I'm blessed with the love of SBX, my beautiful Valkyrie, who protects and keeps me strong. I'm thankful for my mother, Barbara, who is made from the bravest heart and was forced to do things a mother shouldn't ever have to. I'm thankful for the powerhouse nature of Inverna for keeping it together. I'm thankful for my brother's friends for sharing pieces of a Des Moines Mike I never knew. And, I'm thankful for all my great friends and understanding co-workers for giving me the stuff that life is made of.

Thank you.

Love, Dean

[Nick Bertozzi drew me this wonderful memorial]

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