Man-Size (man_size) wrote,


I skipped Halloween proper this year. Spent the day color toning 3pp of my super-noir comic for Speakeasy while dangoldman swung by and worked in the corner on his portable set-up. We wound up grabbing a falafel for dinner and watching some of Spielberg's WAR OF THE WORLDS projected in Carroll Street park before heading back to my pad for some KOLCHAK - THE NIGHT STALKER.

However, I did attend a Halloween party in Park Slope w/SBX after Bob Fingerman's fabulous Rocketship gallery launch on Saturday. The theme was Hollywood Babylon and I wasn't prepared. So, SBX pulled out a grab bag of her daughters costume stuff and she made me the bell of the ball.

[Me in all my glitter glory.]

[SBX dressed up in voodoo glam gear]

[dangoldman is King of the Jews]

[deuxchiens, Doug, and baby Satan]

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