Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

What Fuck Wrong, Rondo?

Seeing as how Larrondo won't let us post comments in reaction to his recent testament, I mean to start a thread here.

Short and the Quick: I come to LJ every day 'cause the people I know and read bring me smiles and solace. These LJs break up my lonely day at the drawing board and keep me company those nights I'm not getting snizzy with SBX or adding another notch of debauchery to my very tired belt. When I'm not typing into the cyber ether, I swing by for y'all--

JinxMalone is off the hook and I love her unexpurgated madness. NiggerKojak is a god-awful honest, knee-jerk reactionist whom I always find the poetry in his confusion. FrankPledge is a rancid fat fuck who I wish would post more than once in a blue moon because he is, in fact, the funniest one of us all when he puts his mind into it. Starsixtynine is my Tommy Rocket; the man I wish I could be: honest, attractive, smart, culturally challenging, and biker god incarnate. Sweetandlow, LaBrujah, Pivovision, and the rest of the LJ gang I read regularly are the bees knees and I'm getting to know them and come to love them, one day at a time. And then there is Larrondo.

Fucking, balls to the wall Larrondo, who is a genius writer and the most scathing persona builder I have ever witnessed. Ron is the reason my jaw drops. Even with our deep rooted past and painful scuffles, he is the only guy I know who can instill unbridled fear yet make me laugh out loud, all the while, making me jealous with his talent. I am consistantly shocked, amazed, surprised, and enamored by his ability to shake my tree.

And then this.

What fuck wrong, Rondo?

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