Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Money where your mouth is

My great friend and comix cohort since high school, 4_eyez, was deployed Wednesday morning by the Red Cross to Gulfport military base in Biloxi, Mississippi, to help victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster for the next three weeks. The night before, his lovely wife, Sari, threw him a wonderful pizza and beer fueled send off. Knowing how little room he would have to store clothes, toiletries, survival tools, water, cell phone, laptop, etc., in his back pack -- I decided to buy him a small moleskin diary to insure he would keep diligent notes and sketches of his experience. Not only will he [hopefully] keep intermittent accounts of his trip to NOLA on his Blog, but when the electricity reaches curfew and the cot is feeling less than familiar, I expect my local hero to jot down those insomniac induced reflections with basic pen and paper under a moonlit sky. I'm banking on 4_eyez to eventually employ his artistic talents and make a graphic novel of his brave and selfless out reach to humanity. The comix form could surely use a tome to educate folks like me what it takes to volunteer your personal time and resources.

10-4 good buddy. Don't let the bed bugs bite and get back to Brooklyn safe and sound.

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