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Boy Howdy. I was hungover but not NEARLY as whacked up as SBX. Dag, yo. My lady was paying for IT. Of course, a proper hangover creeps up on you so that, by mid-day, you can't do jack, and by evening you're more useless than a pool stick made out of rope. This was a proper one.

Rewind: we started the morning off with a horny snuggle and a bike ride to a fairly new diner called HOPE & ANCHOR, near the end of Red Hook. Ate the required grease, sugar, caffeine, and butter, to keep the head-banger at bay and then climbed the rocks over by the east river and dilly-dallied by the water where the Statue of Liberty kept a hairy eye on us.

I love tug boats. They look like a high-top sneaker made out of tires. They look so ridiculous in the water that they remind of something Jack Kirby might draw in the background of the Negative Zone. So, there was a tug boat doing it's unselfish job, surrounded by sexy sail boats and the brute size of cargo ships. Looked like it was about to rain when a photographer snuck up on us taking random pix. I had on a 60s t-shirt sporting red, white & blue colors and was leaning up against my blond bombshell when I realized my man (a dude named Jim) had an opportune moment for a patriotic snapshot. I suggested he take one of us from behind: SBX's blonde hair blowing in the wind, my shoulder featuring America's gang colors, and the Statue of Liberty in the far background. He bought it and did his do. That must have been one corny looking post of a card. What the hell was I thinking?

SBX had never been on the Brooklyn Bridge in her 12-or-so years - living in the USA (she hails from Soggy Old Blighty), and I felt it was time to change that sad status. We rode steadfast to the bridge when, just as we were climbing that first ramp, it started to rain HARD. We got to the first arch when I convinced SBX to make haste to the second one (towards Wo Hops - yo!). We got under the 2nd arch and scouted for a dry spot. SBX took a good long look at NYC but was scared by the combination of the rickety bridge and thunderstorm. The whole scenario kinda reminded me of Coney Island's CYCLONE rollercoaster, which also made her nervous. Can you blame her?


Got ice cream cones over the dock by the River Cafe, found a really cool fishing spot that also served as an exterior gallery for bad folk art. Ran some errands and decided on watching JAWS on DVD. SBX had only seen bits and pieces (how apropos) of the movie and I hadn't seen it since my first drive-in movie experience in East Hampton (1975!). I vividly remembered certain powerful moments, dialogue, and character motivation, but I was shocked at how much of it still resonated. Such a classic. SBX was thrilled. Mike invited us over to his new pad (he moved 3-blocks away from me/over the BQE), for the SOPRANOS 4th season opener. Having never watched the SOPRANOS before, it was easy to follow the story, but ultimately I didn't give a hoot. Gandolfini and (SUNY Purchase alumni) Edie Falco were very good in it, but I'd rather watch Gandolfini play that thug/psycho in TRUE ROMANCE, any day. We called a cab and hit the proverbial sack back at SBXs.


So Sunday was boring.

Sue me.

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