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The Barnes & Noble signing for the release of THE QUITTER in Union Square, NYC, was phenomenal. There was an estimated attendance of approximately 350 people. That, coupled with great press and reviews in the past week, I felt...famous, and I'm still reeling in post-Quitter glitter. It was incredible to share this inauguration with my friends, colleagues, and family; especially my mother and my brother Mike, who is experiencing some serious hard times. It was critical to my heart and soul that he be there, whom I have dedicated THE QUITTER to. When Harvey and I first appeared and walked towards the stage, we were treated to thunderous applause and cheer. It threw me off my game and I was humbled for the rest of the evening. digitante wrote about it best in his account:

Wednesday started early afternoon with Pekar and I doing an interview at the DC Comics offices with a woman from Publisher's Weekly for next weeks online edition. Then, publicist David Hyde arranged for DC Comics staff to have us sign their copies of THE QUITTER. It was delightful to finally meet all the folks who oil the wheels and crank the DC Comics machine.

[DC Comics' Representative -- Vinnie Costa and Haspiel]

[Harvey Pekar, DCU editorial coordinator -- Jann Jones, and Haspiel]

Then, Harvey, SBX, and I were treated to a fine dinner at Zen Palate with DC Comics/Vertigo executives; including my editor Jonathan Vankin, Vice President Karen Berger, publicists David Hyde and Sierra Hahn, Entertainment Weekly's Nisha Gopalan, and New York Magazine's Ken Tucker. We toasted THE QUITTER to NYC's finest crystal tap water and indulged in vegetarian delights.

[My brother Mike, Olivia, Hazel, Mom, Rachel, SBX]

[Mike, Olivia, Hazel, Mom, Rachel]

[Vertigo editor: Jonathan Vankin, me, Harvey Pekar, and Vertigo VP: Karen Berger]

It was great to meet fans of Harvey Pekar's AMERICAN SPLENDOR and fans of my work, too. I want to thank everyone who was able to attend and support the book. I hope you enjoy THE QUITTER.

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