Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Little by Small

Early Sunday morning the phone rings. SBX is on the other side of it. Her parents are taking the kids to Church. Church? What the Fuc--and, before I could ask what THAT'S all about, she invites me over. I can hear it in her voice. A slight tremble. Something's awry. She's horny. We only have an hour-and-a-half. Now, I'm horny. We ring off and my dishes scream at me. I wash them, hop my bike, and race over to SBX. With her recent bout of depression and low libido, one must take full advantage of spontaneous loin gurgles and make haste. Pronto! The lover in me is far superior than the warrior and the warrior has taken too many cracks to the chin, as of late. I arrive ten minutes later than SBX expected. She has that look on her face. Not the horny one. I explain the screaming dishes. She barks at me and nearly takes a dump in the middle of the floor. Her inner control freak is singing a fucking opera and I'm boiling, revved to blow a gasket. How many more of these schizo brunts can a body brush off before going Rambo? Splayed and hung to dry, I'm a walking husk of red meat, dragging flesh and slipping in my own make. Catch her eyes. She's crushed. Broken. Tragic. Making ready for a melee of Shakespearean proportions. Yet...I know what it is she's really pleading for: a hug. SBX is colliding into herself and I need to put a stop to the insanity. Her demons are flipping me the bird while raping her from behind. I've never seen anything like this. Strapped, I bring her to me. Ask her to lean her head into the nape of my shoulder. I tell her to breathe in. Breathe out. Slowly. Never once giving her demons a clue what I'm about to do. Slowly, she breathes. I make her arms loosen and drop to my sides so I can be her shield. We breathe in together. We breathe out. Slowly. Breathe in. **Smack/Punch/Kick/Stab/Burn/Suffocate/Drown** We breathe out. Her demons are dazzled and lose their grip, succumbing to the heavy sounds of breathing. We breathe in and get into her bed. Quiet. We breathe out. Demons scatter, Al Green clears his throat, Jobim gets ready, and the love making commences.

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