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Ames Show & The Needle Exchange

TUESDAY [tonite] --->

"The Jonathan Ames Show" launches this Tuesday, September 27th at Mo Pitkin's, 34 Avenue A (between 3rd and 2nd). Doors open at 8, show starts at 8:30. Cover charge is $12. Tickets are available at the door or on ticketweb:

"The Jonathan Ames Show" will be at Mo's the last Tuesday of every month this fall -- October 25th and November 29th, same time, same cover-charge. No show in December, and then resuming in 2006.

Every month Ames will have a magician, a writer, a comedian, and a musician. Ames will begin the show with a dance with his side-kick (see below), followed by a brief monologue. Then there will be a variety-show.

The performer-guests for the first show are:

John Hodgman -- author of the forthcoming The Areas of My Expertise.

Zero Boy -- comedian, human-sound-effect machine, East Village legend.

Jessie Delfino -- erotic folk-singer.

Magic Brian -- magician.

After the performer does a ten-minute bit, Ames will interview his guest on their sexuality, their spirituality, their financial state, and whether they are hopeful or despairing about the human condition.

Ames will also have audience members sign up before the show -- if they so choose -- and one of those people will be randomly selected and interviewed as well.

Ames will have a side-kick -- Patrick Bucklew. Bucklew will be naked, wearing only his prosthetic leg and a cod-piece that will cover his genitals. The cod-piece will sprout some kind of Doctor Seuss-like vegetation. Bucklew's head will be in a specially designed bowl, equipped with a snorkel to allow for breathing. During the performances, Bucklew, an artist, will do drawings or paintings, which will be for sale to the audience after the show. Also, after the show, he will remove his bowl and it will be passed around for donations, since he's a starving artist, of the type that once proliferated in the East Village.

WEDNESDAY [tomorrow night] --->

digitante and biffsatan launch THE NEEDLE EXCHANGE:

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