Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Baltimore regrets

Unfortunately, due to a very tight deadline for comedian Mitch Fatel's SUPER RETARDO album covers and 4-color, 6pp comix insert due early next week, I have to cancel my appearance to the Baltimore Comicon this coming weekend. Baltimore Comicon is one of my favorite comix shows because organizer Marc Nathan sets up a pleasant mix of mainstream with alternative, helping blur the lines between the two, and he always provides me a free room and table. Plus, the harbor is one of my most favorite places to visit after a long day of sketching superheroes. I had planned to rendezvous w/SBX Saturday evening and stay an extra night so as to enjoy an extended weekend of romance. Alas, the siren call of freelance life bites me square in the ass, wrecking any notions of Maryland woo. Perhaps I'll steal a couple of hours here and there in Red Hook w/my beloved this weekend? Shhh...

However, my cancellation should not dissuade folks from attending the Baltimore Comicon, an event I highly recommend:

Meanwhile, if you have an hour or two to spare tonight, please swing by Rocketship and pick up DEAD WEST, and/or TEENAGERS FROM MARS, and then grab a nice meal on Smith Street:

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