Man-Size (man_size) wrote,

Post Disaster Adventure Chronicles, Part 3

SBX claims she wants to officially introduce me to her kids very soon. She has invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. This is a very big step. But, Mr. Ex has to go and ruin very big steps. He has a new girlfriend [an actress/model who was in the movie SCREAMERS, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3, and a bunch of other B-Movie/TV shlock] whom he wants to introduce to the kids after only dating 2-months. Plus, he being a recovering alcoholic for less than 2-years, has started drinking again since March and this is a bad sign. Understandably, Mr. Ex's sudden relationship/drinking is freaking SBX out in more ways than one. It's caused her bouts of depression, crying fits, and low libido. SBX wants to spark an intervention w/Mr. Ex's parents and his therapist. Get him to admit his recent drinking breakdown and get back to that 'one day at a time' road to recovery before she feels comfortable signing separation papers for the divorce. I keep feeling like all I can do is sit back, nod my head, bite my tongue, and wait like a feeble chump.

Mr. Ex's power to take SBX's emotions hostage and create a world of fear is fucked up. Something SBX needs to admonish and be brave about. Gain courage and secure independence from. Of course, this would be a much easier transition sans children, and that's why it's a major catastrophe.

I am excited yet cautious to be made official in SBX's home. EXCITED -- because it will bring much needed freedom to our relationship. It will allow me to foist levity and creativity upon the fray. It will make us better partners-in-crime and inaugurate my foray into being a step parent. CAUTIOUS -- because SBX and Mr. Ex need to get their proverbial houses in order. I keep getting hit hard with their war and the repercussions are stifling. I'm no good when I'm a bit player. I was always a team leader and I need to figure out how to join them rather than beat them.

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